Frightened of Freedom

from by Spanner



Is this really the way you choose to live? Can you trust you elected representatives?
Can you really say what you want or is their democracy just a front?
How safe do you feel with more police and do you accept that war is peace?
How much are you prepared to sacrifice, for your so-called freedom what’s the price?

Frightened of freedom so you choose to believe them
When they say we need more control
And everything’s fine if you stay in line
And quietly fulfil your role

Under all the control with which we’re faced most of us just accept our place
Never stand out from the crowd, live your life within what’s allowed
It’s with all the little rules that you obey that you build your own prison every day
There’s a guard that’s living in your head – you won’t be free until he’s dead
But he’s only as powerful as you let him be – you don’t have to surrender your will
to be free

More cameras in the streets. More wepons for cops on the beat.
New laws to punish hard. Private security. I.D. cards.
More powers for the secret state to listen in and infiltrate.
With the so called war on terrorism, society is one big prison.

Try doing some things you never dared – each time you do you’ll be less scared
Say the things people don’t like to mention – bare your arse to social convention
Anything’s possible – imagine a life without rules or discipline
Learn to pick the locks of mental cages – disobedience is so contagious
Lose the fear of being on you own and realise anyway you’re not alone


from Crisis, released April 1, 2011




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