Freedom Fighters

from by Spanner



A song for the brave all across the world living under attack
They’ve seen too much and suffered too long but still they’re fighting back
In slavery there’s no justice so they’re breaking their chains
They say they’ve got very little to lose and a world to reclaim
Tired of crippling poverty and living on their knees
They’re taking back control of their lives in the face of tyranny

Generals smile as they make a deal, the guns they buy are the best
They’re drawing up plans to crush these rebels helped by friends from The West
Business booms for the industry, they arm dictators well
No questions asked so far removed from the genocide they sell
So another village is razed to the ground as company profits rise
Robbed from the poor and paid in blood by people brutalised

But in a time of violence there are those who break the silence
They refuse to be victims any more
For the words they dare to speak and the justice that they seek
Their voices can no longer be ignored

The freedom fighters’ struggle is hard, they’ve been fighting for a while
Murderers in the highest places who never stand on trial
Some fight with words, some fight with guns, so many of them have died
Calling out for basic human rights the system denies
But the murders and the atrocities won’t stifle the people’s dreams
They long for a time of peace and no more terrorist regimes
Liberty will not be given, it’s a thing that must be won
And the people will dance again when the soldiers have gone

All strength to the freedom fighters wherever they may be
For the chains that they have dared to break they’re already running free


from Crisis, released April 1, 2011




Spanner UK

Spanner has been mixing politics and pleasure since around 2000, and we aim to still be at it when it’s time for dancing on the ruins of the empire. We’re taking bookings for the after party now!

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