Fashion Victims

from by Spanner



So many people trying to be different but all doing the same thing
As millions of others stuck in traffic who are also wondering
Why it seems they can never be happy now all their money’s spent
And is it normal to feel so totally fucked – don’t know where the weekend went
There’s a part of them that knows full well it’s driving them insane
But soon it’s put to the back of their minds and they’re doing it all again
Buying substitutes for real life, all the things they can’t afford
Forming orderly queues to nowhere where everyone looks so bored

Shop Shop Shop til you drop – Will you ever get enough? Will it ever stop?
Shop Shop Shop til you drop – Will you ever get enough? Will it ever stop?

While we’re busy doing sums the real costs are never seen
Coz it all adds up to ecocide the damage done by our routines
So when seas turn black, the world’s on fire and ancient forests fall
He who dies with the most toys wins – it’s the rule of the shopping mall
But everyone’s a loser in this inhuman race
Burying our future under tonnes of toxic waste
And burying your head up your arse coz it’s easier to ignore
The misery and lifelessness of our endless quest for more


from Crisis, released April 1, 2011




Spanner UK

Spanner has been mixing politics and pleasure since around 2000, and we aim to still be at it when it’s time for dancing on the ruins of the empire. We’re taking bookings for the after party now!

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